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지금 이곳은 경주! 리허설대기중인 뉴이스트의 리더JR과 맏형 아론군 깜찍 V포즈대결! 여러분의선택을 멘션으로보내주쎄요! 선택받은 멤버의 셀카를 특별공개! 리더냐 맏형이냐! 러브들의선택은?^^♥———————-Tanslation: Now, here is in Kyeongju!NU’EST’s leader and oldest Aron cute ‘V’ pose battle in midst of waiting for rehearsal !
Please send your choice with mention!I will reveal selca of the most choosen member!Leader or Oldest hyung!LOVEs decision is?^^♥Tarnslated by: @a94912 via nuestf b

지금 이곳은 경주! 리허설대기중인 뉴이스트의 리더JR과 맏형 아론군 깜찍 V포즈대결! 여러분의선택을 멘션으로보내주쎄요! 선택받은 멤버의 셀카를 특별공개! 리더냐 맏형이냐! 러브들의선택은?^^♥
Now, here is in Kyeongju!
NU’EST’s leader and oldest Aron cute ‘V’ pose battle in midst of waiting for rehearsal !

Please send your choice with mention!
I will reveal selca of the most choosen member!
Leader or Oldest hyung!
LOVEs decision is?^^♥

Tarnslated by: @a94912 via nuestf b

" [Kim Jonghyun] JR Facts "

Name : JR (Stands For Junior Royal)
Real Name : Kim Jonghyun (김종현)
Birth Month: June 8
Birth Year: 1995
Weight: 58kg
Height: 176cm
Position: Leader, Rapper, Dancer
- one of the most popular in the group
- the very 1st member which Pledis Entertainment revealed
- made an appearance in KBS Hello with Baek Ho and was revealed by After School’s Kahi
- the rapper for After School’s U-ie’s Debut song “SokSokSok”
- was a back-up dancer for After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy”
- the male lead and model for the CF “New Balance” with Lizzy as the female lead
- said to be one of the “Boys Choir” who sang with After School in their track “Someone is You”
- featured in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok City” MV
- nicknamed as “Bangkok City Boy”
- Dubbed as the Male Kahi for he is the leader, Rapper and Dancer of the Group.

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" [Aaron Kwak] Aron Facts "

Name: Aaron Kwak (아론콱)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: May 21, 1993
Weight: 57kg

Biography: Aaron/Aron is the Korean-American member born and raised in L.A. California, he’s also one of the Back up dancer for After School Blue’s Wonder Boy and appeared on both AS Blue’s MV and Live perfs. he’s also said to be the Male counterpart of Bekah as they were both from the U.S.

- Aaron was scouted at the same korean festival that Nichkhun from 2PM was scouted at.
- Born and raised in L.A. California
- Appeared as one of the back up dancer for AS Blue’s Wonder Boy MV and Live performances.
- Speaks English, Japanese and Korean
- Dubbed as the male Bekah as they are both from the U.S.
- Studied at Loyola High School
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" [Kang Dong Ho] Baekho Facts "

Real Name: Kang Dong Ho (강동호)
Stage Name: Baekho
Birthday: July 21, 1995
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Fun Facts: Sexy and masculine with true loyalty

  • Surnames:Play Ur Love Boy, Eye smile, Juyeons;
  • Baekho’s name means “White Tiger”
  • He is from Jeju-Do;
  • Hobbies: Play games, Komdo;
  • He only sleeps if is hugging someone (Ren likes it);
  • He said that have the most beautiful body between the members;
  • He said he can remember of every fan who has been in the recording studio;
  • When he was called by his stage name for the first time he didn’t answered cause thought it was not with him;
  • Was born in the year of the pig;
  • Inspiration: DBSK, “The sunbaenims are very powerful, they make awesome performances, we want to make powerful performances like them”;
  • The members call him “Baby Tiger”;
  • He wants to touch people with his music;
  • Favorite month: September;
  • Favorite k-group: Big Bang;
  • He also would like to be a comedian;
  • He is the most sincere between the members;
  • He gets hurt easily;
  • Baekho and Jr attend the same school;
  • He likes to walk in the snow;
  • He enjoys playing volleyball in the beach;
  • He gained a sweatshirt same as JR’s sweatshirt and immediately said “Hold on, are we a couple?”
  • A trip toJapanwas his first trip overseas;
  • When the group was lost inJapan, a noona helped them to found the subway. Baekho grateful said, “We found an angel inJapan”;
  • A lamp burst when Baekho was doing his shoot, so the boys thought it was a signal that like the lamp, they will burst! (LOL my silly boys THAT’S TRUE);
  • Blood type: AB;
  • Ren and JR forged a fight in the phone just to prepare a surprise for Baekho’s birthday;
  • He was the last to do the photoshoot;
  • He said that don’t care to sasaeng fans, cause he knows that they follow cause admire him;
  • He wants that everyone knows his name and approves his skills;
  • He likes all kinds of food;
  • Baekho also plays baseball;
  • He composes songs in his laptop;
  • Uee named him “Baekho” cause she thinks that he looks like Slam Dunk’s character “Kang Baekho”;
  • He calls Aron “old hyung” (LOL)
  • He hates to clean up the living room in they dorm;
  • His keyword: Baekho.

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" [Hwang Minhyun] Minhyun Facts "

  • His real name is Hwang MinHyun, was born on August 9, 1995 (16 years old), he is the lead singer and dancer.
  • At first Minhyun’s parents didn’t believe that he had passed the audition.
  • He is very naive,
  • He always takes body lotion in his backpack,
  • He wants to be a loving and humble singer, to bring love to the fans,
  • When Ren said that he thought the most beautiful member is Baekho, Minhyun replied: “No, it is not”.
  • Before debuting Minhyun could not sleep, wondering how his stage debut would be.
  • When Minhyun said “don’t touch me” in English for Aron, he just laughed,
  • His other nickname is “Busan boy”,
  • He likes to imitate the character “optimus prime” from the movie transformers - “MY NAME IS OPTIMUS PRIME”,
  • He claims to be a ‘sharp loose man’,
  • Saw the announcement of the audition while he was going to eat with a friend and then decided to participate,
  • He is attentive and dedicated to his niece,
  • He never goes out without his mobile phone,
  • He studies Japanese language,
  • He sleeps with his headphones,
  • He doesn’t like to make his bed,
  • Minhyun sometimes get annoyed with some jokes that Aron does about him,
  • The photographer said he didn’t have to use Photoshop on Minhyun, because his pictures were perfect,
  • He never pays attention when other members talk with him,
  • His is considerated the Juyeon of the group because he is the “face” of the group,
  • Minhyun wants to challenge himself, not only as a singer and dancer but also as an actor and mc,
  • He always wants to show his cleverness, everywhere and all the time,
  • He is the smartest between the members,
  • Minhyun and JR are the “cleaner” members,
  • He is the member who gives less attention to Ren,
  • JR said he is a slow at typing on the computer, but is still faster than Minhyun
  • His favorite song is Narsha’s ” I’m in love”
  • In his audition he sang 2am’s “You wouldn’t answer my calls”
  • Minhyun hasn’t had his first kiss yet.
  • He is the most applied between the members,
  • He is jealous of Ren and Baekho,
  • He once said that even Ren being a man both together would not be a bad idea
  • He thinks that Ren is prettier than Nana.
  • His blood type is O.
  • Baekho asked him what he thinks about Ren and Mynhyun replied: “He looks like those creepy porcelain dolls that are sitting on your shelf looking at you, waiting to kill you, (LOL, so true).
  • He always bribes Baekho with food,
  • According to Ren, the most precious thing for Minhyun is his hair,
  • His favorite KPOP song is BigBang’s “Haru Haru”,
  • He uses a smartphone,
  • He has mania for saying “Click the liked”,
  • He wears a size 9 in shoes,
  • Ideal girl for Minhyun: “A girl who can cook well and is interested in fashion!”,
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music and singing,
  • Ren loves hugging him, and for Ren, Minhyun is the most beautiful of the group.

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" [Choi Min Ki] Ren Facts "

Name: Choi Min Ki [Ren]
Birthdate: November 3, 1995
Position: Sub-vocal, Maknae

1| Back up dancer for After School Blue’s Wonder Boy (MV and live performances)

2| Ren was featured as one the “Boys Choir” in Someone is You with JR and Baek Ho.

3| Ren was featured in the MV and Live performances of AS Blue’s Wonder Boy.

4| Ren was also in the “New Balance” CF with Lizzy.

5| Dubbed as the male So Young as they both have the Cute Aura and charms around them.

6| Ren gets mistaken as girl by people. /but she he looks like a girl.

7| Ren calls himself pretty. /narcissist detected

8| Ren is an unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm. /totally agree

9| Ren is reportedly the mischievous mood maker of the group.

10| Ren likes being alone.

11| He has this four dimensional charm. /LOL. Same here

12| Ren’s role model is Michael Jackson.

13| Ren’s favorite color is black.

14| Ren is a big fan of Lee Hyori, 2NE1’s Dara and Lady Gaga.

15| Super Junior’s Sungmin was shocked when he heard that Ren was 16. Nearly a 10 year gap between Sungmin and Ren. O.o

16| Ren wishes to be the clothing designer for NU’EST soon. /Waaaa

17| Ren wishes if NU’EST was also known as a ‘New Global Group.’ /same here

18| Ren sang Let It Be for his audition for Pledis. /let it be~

19| Ren thinks that JR looks in the mirror a bit too much, especially practicing his ‘sexy gaze.’ /LMAO

20| Ren: My father’s dream was to become a singer but his family opposed. I made his dream come true by being a singer myself. /what a filial son

21| Ren seems to care a lot about his family.

22| Ren said that he’d use Aegyo to makes his girlfriend happy when she is sad or angry. /*o*

23| He listened to Super Junior a lot during his predebut. /an ELF?

24| Aron piggy back Ren. Aron: He is so heavy. Ren: I thought that I was really light, but as a man, I had to gain more weight. /LOL, as a man xD

25| Ren likes wearing things that make him happy.

26| “I’m much more interested in fashion, though I don’t have a favorite kind of style”- Ren

27| Nu’est members think that Ren is the one who has the most fashion sense. /I think so too.

28| Ren hides snacks on his bed and secretly eats them by himself at night. /LMAO xD

29| Ren like to buying accessories, like rings and bracelets.

30| "I like stylish things, so it goes well with my appearance and that’s why I started the nail art"-Ren /Oooh.

31| ”The company (Pledis) thinks that I have the charisma, hence selecting me”-Ren /seriously a narcissist :D

32| He keeps his things on his bed.

33| He never lets anybody on his bed.

34| "Ren was very cute when I first met him as he still had his baby fats, as he grew older, he became much more handsome day by day"- JR /I totally agree

35| “I thought about being a singer in Middle School when I was in Busan. Even though my looks are very feminine I am very blunt and don’t talk a lot.”-Ren

36| Ren resembles his seniors Raina and Nana of After School. /Raina obviously

37| "I really want to be a singer since i was young. And also, my parents dream was to be a singer. So, they give me permission from the start." – Ren

38| His blood type is O.

39| Ren’s ideal girl is a girl who lies down looking at the blue sky above the green fields. /le lies down xD

40| He said that inside his mysterious neutral charm is an erratic cute boy.

41| Ren: Lady gaga. My favorite musician and artist. Her fashion style, stage presence, sing, dance, she’s really good at all aspect.

42| Ren hates cleaning the living room in their dorm.

43| Ren is a fan of 2NE1, especially Dara.

44| Ren: 2NE1. Their Skill, style and performance are really superb. I envy how they really enjoy the performance on stage.

45| Ren: I want to be a stylish singer in the future. /you’re stylish, even now

46| Ren and Minhyun really like Super Junior’s Miracle.

47| Ryeowook of Super Junior: Ren is very pretty! /even he agrees ^^

48| If you have time to yourself, what would you do? Ren: I will not stay in the dorm, but head out to some quiet place to think or rest. /Ooooh.

49| Feeling nervous. Wondering if we can capture the hearts of the audience with our own stage - Ren opinion about his debut.

50| Aron and Minhyun stole Ren’s pink shoes. /go check it yourself :D